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Indian Hills Airpark 

A Pilots Dream Come True!

Indian Hills Airpark -- a pilot's dream come true! Aviation is a way of life here at Indian Hills. AIRPARK.

The pilots who live here with their planes are very passionate about aircraft and flying. Indian Hills offers paved taxiways directly to your hanger or hanger home. Yes, you can land your aircraft on our paved runway and taxi it right into your hanger home as if it were a car in a garage. In fact, all of the streets within the Airpark Community are designated taxiways. You can sit on your porch and watch neighbors taxi down the street, take-off and land and hear the sound of aircraft flying overhead. Sometimes airpark residents keep their radios turned on to chat with their friends in the sky. 

They just cannot get enough aviation. Walk down the taxiways and you'll find the avid flyers polishing their planes, constructing something unusual, congregating with the neighbors or perhaps having a BBQ. These pilots love their toys. They love to keep their hangar doors open, displaying their treasures and tempting passerbys with a closer look.